Casino Bonuses Explained

When visiting Bonus Bunker you’ll find a wide range of casino bonuses that are available through our affiliates. These bonuses are offered for various reasons. They can make an online casino more attractive to a potential member, and they can also help a casino retain its membership. Casino bonuses, when used properly, can give players more betting power. Here’s a look at various types of bonuses you’ll find at online casinos, how these offers work, and what every player should consider when evaluating them.

Types of Bonuses

Of the various types of bonuses available through many of the online casinos associated with Bonus Bunker, you’ll find there are three basic types. These include:

  • Sign Up Bonuses
  • First Deposit or Welcome Bonuses
  • Reload Bonuses

There are also other types of promotions that offer special deals of some sort to players. These offers may or may not be made in connection with another type of bonus.

Sign Up Bonus

Of the three basic casino bonuses, the sign up is the most rare and, usually, the smallest. A true sign up bonus is given as soon as someone becomes a member of an online casino. The bonus is usually somewhere between $5 and $25, and, in most cases, it may not be withdrawn from your account. What you may do with this bonus is bet. If you win any money, the initial bonus amount is deducted from your winnings before you may withdraw any of the money. Thus, if you’re awarded $10 for joining a casino and with that $10 you win $150, you would keep $140 ($150 – $10 Bonus = $140).

Welcome or First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus, which some sites refer to as a welcome bonus, involves two basic steps: signing up to become a casino member and making a deposit. The bonus usually matches a percentage of your initial deposit. Offers vary a lot. One site may provide a first deposit casino bonus of 100% on up to $200, while another may run a promotion that offers a bonus of 50% on a maximum of $600. If you deposit the maximum in the former example, you would receive $200 extra in your account, while if you deposited the max in the latter example, you would have $300 more with which to bet.

Reload Bonus

One you’ve made your initial deposit, at many online casinos you’ll qualify for a reload bonus. The term “reload” refers to any deposit made into your account after the first one has been cleared. Reload bonuses can be quite diverse. Some casino bonuses on additional deposits will be very generous, while other may provide a minimal reward. An example of a generous bonus would be an offer of 100% on $600, while one that provides bettors with less of a benefit would be 10% on a maximum deposit of $1000. There are many factors that dictate how large a specific site’s reload bonus will be. These include what other promotions they are presently offering, how many members they currently have, and how well they have been doing at retaining present members. One major factor has to do with betting patterns, as reload bonuses tend to encourage more wagering, and if a casino feels the need to offer this stimulus they will.

Other Bonuses

There are many other types of casino bonuses that may be available. Below are a few of the more common types that you may find at Bonus Bunker affiliates. Not all casinos will offer such rewards, but many will have some sort of additional bonus available to members in order to stimulate action.

Game Specific

Many online casinos will give players extra tokens to play specific games such as blackjack, roulette, or slots. These offers will exclude most other games available at the casino.

Day Specific

Casinos often designated certain days of the week for extra rewards. Such bonuses are usually offered midweek on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Examples include, 100 extra tokens for specified slots, double tokens, such as buy 100 and get 200, or extra cash in your account if you make a deposit on a specified day.

Progressive First Deposits

There are some establishments that offer a combination first deposit and reload bonuses. Often this type of promotion will give players rewards on their first three deposits. As an example, the casino bonus may be 100% on up to $500 for your first deposit, 50% on up to $1,000 for your second, and 25% on up to $400 for your third. These promotions will often focus on the total amount for which a player can qualify. With the above scenario, the total amount in bonuses available if a member made a maximum deposit each time would be $1,100. A player would get $500 extra in their account for the initial deposit, $500 more for their second, and $100 for their third and final deposit.


Another way in which online casinos offer bonuses is by providing players with extras, which are in addition to the regular bonus. One common “extra” is to give players who make a first deposit a specific number of slots tokens in addition to their cash bonus or to offer a $10 free bet at their associated sportsbook or racebook. The latter type of bonus is designed to create interest in other forms of gambling.

Cash Back

One other common bonus is the cash back offer. Some casinos will give players cash back on their losses, such as 5% on all table game or slots losses for the month. If you bet $1,000 for a month and lose $500 of that, you’d get a rebate of $25 (5% of $500) in your account for the next month.

Is the Casino and Bonus Right for You?

Don’t be lured to a casino by lucrative bonuses. Ask yourself a few questions before making a first deposit. First, determine if the casino is the right match with your interests. Also, you’ll need to decide if the bonus fits your playing style. If a casino if offering 50% on up to $1,000 and another is providing 100% on a maximum of $200, and you are going to deposit $100, then the casino offering the lower maximum is a better choice for you. Do the math before making your deposit.

Restrictions on Casino Bonuses

Also, prior to joining a site and making a deposit read all rules and regulations regarding the offer. You may find that certain restrictions make the bonus promotion less appealing. Here are some common limitationsthat are put on online bonuses.

  • Minimums and Maximums: There will be a stated minimum that you must deposit to receive your bonus and a maximum amount that will be matched.
  • Play Through Amounts: In order to clear any winnings associated with your free money, you’ll need to meet the required play through amount. This will either be a multiple of the bonus amount or of the bonus and initial deposit. If a play through amount is 10 times the bonus and deposit and that amount is $200, then you’d need to wager a total of $2,000 before you could withdraw any winnings associated with that bonus. Play through amounts come in all sizes.
  • Non-Negotiable Bonuses: Some online casino bonuses carry the restriction that you must deduct the bonus amount prior to withdrawing winnings.
  • Time Limits: Often players must reach the play through amount within a stated amount of time. This varies and can be as little as one-month and as much as six months.
  • Loss of Bonus: Online casinos always reserve the right to suspend your membership, which would include the loss of all bonuses, due to any misbehavior or illegal actions on your part.

Read the Fine Print

At Bonus Bunker, we suggest that you read the fine print associated with casino bonuses before signing up at any online casino. Make sure that you understand what you are getting and what it will take for you to clear your bonus. Also, check back with casinos, as bonus offers can change from month to month. If you engage in these activities, you’llbe able to make the most of online promotions.