Local Casinos: Bonus Bunker Presents Best Casinos Around Europe

Although Bonus Bunker provides a wealth of information regarding online casinos, we are also focused on those establishments that provide great gaming opportunities for players going to brick and mortar establishments. Here are five of the top local casinos from around Europe. If you are a player and you are near to one of these world-class gaming establishments, then you are extremely lucky. If you’re interested in finding a great casino to travel to and play at, then consider these five.

The Casino at the Empire in London

To gain admittance to this famous gaming palace you’ll need to apply for a membership. But don’t worry it’s not difficult to get one. It’s free to join and the entire process can be handled online. Along with a premium gaming experience that includes 25 table games and over 100 Slots, you’ll be able to enjoy a room in their posh hotel. There are 800 rooms and each includes a plasma TV and iPod sound system. Great restaurants, bars, and venues featuring topnotch entertainment are a part of your adventure at the Empire.

Casino Baden-Baden in Germany

If you are going to venture to Casino Baden-Baden in Germany, then you’ll need to look like a high roller, although you will not need to actually be one. There’s a dress code that calls for formal attire. The casual dresser is not admitted. The Casino Baden-Baden defines opulence, luxury, and refinement, and it is considered to be one of the finest gaming palaces in the world. Classic table games await and include Blackjack, Poker and French and American Roulette. There are machines galore, including Slot and Fruit Machines, Bingo, Keno, and Roulette. Entertainment, dining, and club events are all offered. And don’t forget to visit the healing and refreshing natural thermal baths for which Baden-Baden is famous.

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

If the casino at Baden-Baden defines opulence, luxury, and refinement, then the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco has set the standard for all classic European casinos in terms of look, experience, and atmosphere. This stunning casino offers five gaming rooms where players can enjoy Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat. There are over 300 Slots and many other activities to enjoy, including events at the casino’s three entertainment venues, which are comprised of a theater, opera, and ballet house. Plus, you can enjoy their beautiful gardens and dining at their wonderful restaurant.

Porto Carras Grand Resort in Greece

Located on Halkidiki’s central peninsula, this is one of Europe’s newer casinos. For 35 years, the Porto Carras Grand Resort in Greece has offered players an amazing gaming experience. To gain admittance, you must be at least 23 years old and have the proper ID to prove it. This is one of the few casinos in the world to have such a requirement. There’s plenty of gaming waiting for you, including American Roulette, Blackjack, and Caribbean Stud poker. Plus, the casino offers over 400 Slots. One of the major attractions about this gaming palace is that it is in such a magnificent part of Greece, offering visitors a wealth of experiences, including golf, horseback riding, diving and swimming classes, beach volleyball, numerous hiking trails, water adventures, an elegant spa, tours of the area, and much more. It is a truly beautiful setting providing players with a first-class casino experience.

Silks Casino in Ireland

Silks Casino in Dublin, Ireland, requires that visitors become members before gaining admittance. But don’t worry, as membership is fairly easy to obtain and there’s no charge involved. What makes this casino so attractive is that it is fairly intimate and has a private casino feel to it. The operating hours are limited, as the casino opens at 8 pm and closes at 6 am. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays. This newer casino, which opened in 2003, has gained a solid reputation for the quality gaming experience it offers members. There are 15 table games, poker, and a bar.

Enjoy a Local Casino

If you have the opportunity to play at a brick and mortar casino, then by all means take the plunge. It’s a very different gaming experience than anything you’ll have online, in that it is very social, engaging, and multifaceted. At Bonus Bunker, we believe that players should enjoy everything the casino world has to offer. Don’t miss out on these and other unique gaming venues.