How to Choose a Bookmaker

Bonus Bunker provides important tips how should you choose an online bookmaker, and once you do, how do you create your account, fund it, and start betting? Here’s a quick look at how to search for a sportsbook, determine if it’s right for you, and, if it is, how you can set up your account so that you are wagering as soon as you possibly can.

Below is a checklist of questions to ask regarding online bookmakers and what they provide.

  • Do they have the sports you want to bet on?
  • Do they provide the types of wagers you want?
  • Do they offer reduced vig?
  • Is there live betting?
  • Do they have a refer a friend program?
  • What bonuses do they offer?
  • Are there any exorbitant fees?
  • What sorts of resources do they have?
  • If you’d like access to a casino, poker, or horses, do they offer such?
  • What is their mission?

Solid and Dependable Sites

Always consider a sportsbook’s reputation for safety and security. If you find a book that looks great, but there are questions concerning its overall character, then be cautious about joining it. Also, investigate how easy they make it for you to withdraw your winnings. It’s true that you do want the book to have security measures in place, but if they use ridiculous and complicated rules regarding withdrawals or take more than 10 days to process your cash, this may not be a good book for you to join. What sorts of bonus and rewards programs do they offer? Will you be able to take advantage of bonuses and other promotions? In what way will they increase the quality of your experience at the sportsbook? In doing so, always make sure that you read the fine print regarding how and when you can access any bonuses and when you may make withdrawals associated with a bonus. Most often, in order to receive your bonus, you’ll need to have accumulated points that are given each time you make a bet. A bookmaker may offer you 5 points for every $10 wagered, and after you accumulate 500 points, you’ll either receive all or some of your bonus money. Note, bonus money is betting cash, and in order to withdraw any of it, you’ll need to have played through the amount of the award numerous times. The book will state the number of times you’re required to play through. The play through represents how many times either your deposit or bonus amount must bet before you can take any of the cash associated with the bonus. As an example, lets say you get a $100 bonus on a $100 deposit and the play through factor is six times the bonus. That’s means that you’ll have to have made $600 worth of bets before you can take any of your winnings connected to that bonus. Customer service is another very important aspect of any bookmaker. How good is the customer service, in what way can you contact them, and when are they available. Call customer service and ask some questions before signing up. How did they do? Did you feel as is they were helpful? How well was the person on the other end of the line trained and did they offer solid answers to your questions? Check to make sure that the site is licensed, and that they are monitored and/or audited by an independent company. Verify them in every manner possible. Remember that you are entrusting the book with your money.

Setting Up an Account

Setting up you account should be simple. You’ll be asked to download the software. Once you do so, you’ll simply click on a few icons and install the application. It usually takes a few minutes to complete the entire process.

Joining the Book

Joining the book is also easy. You’ll be asked to fill out a form that requests information such as your name, address, phone number, etc. Make sure that all of the information that you give is accurate. Also, fill in all required areas of the form, read through any official documents, such as the site’s terms and conditions, and submit your information. You should be approved quickly. Once you are approved, you’ll be sent an email with a link that you’ll need to click on in order to be taken to the site. This is done in order to confirm your account. You won’t be able to bet until you do this.

Funding Your Account

In most countries funding a sportsbook account is fairly simple. Common methods are credit cards, ATM debit cards, prepaid debit cards, bank transfer, wire transfer, e-wallets, or check. This used to be a little challenging for Americans, but lately sportsbooks have made it fairly simple. Usually books are funded one of two ways by those in the U.S. Americans commonly use wire transfers to put money into their sportsbook accounts. In the U.S. either Western Union or MoneyGram are used for wire transfers. These transfers are done on a person-to-person basis and not as a person-to-company exchange. They are completed with a matter of minutes. The other method U.S. sports bettors use to fund their account is a debit card that may be used for online, international purchases. These cards may be purchased at drug stores, markets, and convenience stores and must be registered and loaded before you can use them. Once they have been properly set up, you’ll register the card with the bookmaker and make your deposit. Withdrawals will be processed usually via wire transfer, bank transfer, e-wallet, or check, depending on the book. These can take around a week, and sometimes more. Before you can withdraw any cash, you’ll need to undergo a verification process.

Use Your Money Wisely

It’s a good idea to join two or three sportsbooks and to fund each account, as this will allow you to easily access the best odds on a given game. Make sure that you take advantage of any first deposit bonus offers, and that you thoroughly understand the offer before making your initial deposit. Join the book or books that are right for you. Remember that in order to do so, you’ll have to shop around first. Take your time to learn the benefits and possible disadvantages associated with each bookmaker that you are considering.